Covid restrictions are lifted on Mon 19th July, and we’re all pleased for more normality, but the pandemic isn’t over so we’ll still have some measures to help safeguard the wellbeing of both staff and customers:
– Hand sanitising stations are still available for those who want to use them and we’ll continue with enhanced cleaning, of contact surfaces particularly.
– All our staff will continue to have lateral flow tests twice weekly and any member of staff choosing to wear a face mask does so with our support.
– The NHS track and trace app will still be available for customers to check in if they choose, and we will continue to ventilate indoor areas as best we can.
– People will still have to isolate if pinged by track and trace, so staffing levels may continue to be difficult to maintain. We ask for our customers’ patience if we are short-handed and things take a little longer than perhaps they should; everyone will be trying their best to give the best service they can.
– Our online drinks order app has worked well so that will still be available, as will table service.
We thank our customers both for their valued support and for their forbearance during this initial period without restrictions.